Image of Caribbean Galaxy - Boy with plants

Caribbean Galaxy - Boy with plants

3,000.00 EUR

Mixed medium on canvas

81cm x 100 cm

Is a captivating painting that immediately draws the viewer's eye to the central figure - portrayed in a striking silhouette, surrounded by a lush jungle of vibrant greenery. The starry night sky above punctuated by metallic silver that shimmer like constellations.
The composition is masterfully balanced, with the organic curves of the foliage perfectly complementing with the black void in the center. The metallic accents add a sense of otherworldliness and magic to the scene, while the contrast of the dark silhouette against the green creates a sense of drama and mystery.
The precise execution of the metallic details and the subtle interplay of light and shadow showcase a keen eye for detail a work of art that speaks to both the beauty of nature and the resilience of the human spirit.

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